Välkommen till STAFs fjärde föredrag för 2019. Denna gång flyger vi in Constance Brown, internationell profil inom teknisk analys och författare av åtta böcker.

Global Cash Flow – featuring relative performance/inter-market analysis, to improve probability and timing

  • Determine which market is leading and how to examine it.
  • How to define and handle timing differences in revolving markets.
  • Understand how European markets are positioned relative to global indexes for timing and price projection.

This presentation covers many different methods but in a tight package for the purpose of building intermarket relationships to improve probability and timing.

Time Factors. That is the key to surviving today’s volatility. W.D. Gann was a master of Time and Price forecasting. Constance Brown, better known by clients as Connie Brown, is one of the world’s leading practitioners of Gann Analysis. Other methods include harmonic cycles, Euclid and non-Euclid geometries, Elliott, Fibonacci and Gann confluence price accuracy. Cycles are computer tested and the efficiency tested models are some of the most accurate in the world for detecting bear markets.

Author of eight books with the ninth being the book the industry has wanted for two decades. It will be released in 2019 on the methods Connie has used throughout her career… including a comprehensive release of all of W.D. Gann’s methods, formulas, and Time Factors explained, demonstrated, and cross-referenced to Gann’s own books.

Connie was named the 2018 Hall of Fame inductee by the Canadian Society of Technical Analysis. A former institutional trader (SP500 trading specialist), retired hedge fund manager, global financial cash flow analyst, and President/Founder of Aerodynamic Investments Inc. (aeroinvest.com)

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